“I wasn’t sure what to expect from a lymphatic release session, but my body was sluggish and grumpy after sitting for 3 days at a conference, so I was hopeful it would help.  I was shocked by the difference I could tell between my legs when Lisa had worked on one!  The leg was literally lighter than the other—even my husband could feel by lifting my leg off the bed!  When Lisa was finished, I stood up and my legs felt so good, the rest of my body was jealous!  I wished I had time for a longer session, and immediately reserved her for a future, full body release.

When Lisa works on your body, you get two impressions: one, that she is highly trained and skilled, and two, that she truly cares about her clients!  I’ve never relaxed so quickly when receiving a massage, and her style is very peaceful yet thorough.

Lymphatic release has really helped my body with the physical challenges of flying across time zones and being away from my normal routine and workout!  I’ve also enjoyed the emotional reset it gives me—I feel lighter, both emotionally and physically when she’s finished, and my whole body feels deeply peaceful.”

-Trina Holden, Young Living Gold, Alabama

Young Living Essential Oils


“When I had X’Tract with Lisa, I felt like I was receiving so much freedom from toxins and from feeling stuck in certain places in my life.  I was able to see what I needed to change that I could not see before, and I was able to make changes right away.  I found X’Tract to be relaxing and very enjoyable.  The changes in my body were amazing.  I could see the difference in cellulite and on the scale!  I also had so much more energy and felt better about myself and feel lighter and happier.  I would totally recommend X’Tract with Lisa if you are looking to make a change in your life.”

-Kerri, Zurich, Ontario


“I had an X’TRACT with Lisa and LOVED IT!!!!! I cannot wait to learn how to do it for my family– you all need to book a session with her!”

-Kayla Howard, Young Living Gold Leader, Idaho


I totally loved X’Tract with Lisa.  It was so relaxing and freeing.  I know that I had toxins moved out and could feel release especially in my arms.  I felt lighter afterwards, and it felt great!  If I lived closer, I would have X’Tract more often!  It is helping me with my goals of weight-loss and getting healthier.”

-Christine P, Chatham, Ontario


“I used to not like my legs when I was younger. Even at my healthiest adult weight, they were ‘lumpy’.  So I finally just accepted the lumps as my lot. (Not that cellulite is shameful, but there could be something else going on.  Something that MIMICS the look of CELLULITE… …something that Lisa can help with!) If you can get to her, contact her ASAP to snag one of her LIMITED X’Tract spots and get loved on!”

-Rebecca Halton, Pennsylvania

Black eyed Susan flowers


“I just had an X’Tract with Lisa Cowan and I have to say, it felt better than a massage! There was a tight spot in my leg that felt like a marble and was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t feel it at all after – it was gone! I had some lumps and bumps and pain all the way down one arm, but after it was noticeably better! I could feel something working in my forehead and down the side of my neck. I know the toxins were definitely moving out! I loved the essential oils that she used – it helped me to feel clean all weekend when I was camping!! I would recommend X’Tract with Lisa for sure!”

-Barbara B, Goderich, Ontario


“I tend to be skeptical about things that are alternative. I wasn’t sure if I would feel any effects. But throughout the treatment, I definitely felt a release of tension in certain areas where it was obvious there were areas of blockage.

After having one leg treated, I could feel a difference before treating the other leg, and then they felt equally balanced.

My favourite part was the face as I tend to hold a lot of stress and tension in my face and head. The technique felt releasing and extremely relaxing.

It felt great. I felt so good after. I felt lighter, cleaner, and less stressed.

I love the essential oils. They were such a huge part of the experience. Inhaling the different scents was awesome.

I would definitely recommend X’Tract with Lisa, especially to people who carry a lot of tension in their bodies, even to those who are skeptical to give it a try.”

-Mel Siebert, Clinton, Ontario


“I had a wonderful X’Tract from Lisa Cowan.  It was exactly what my mind and body needed!”
-Eileen Jones, Colorado

Young Living oils at beach


“I find X’Tract to be very calming and relaxing. I am able to focus on my body and what’s going on inside my body. I can also let go of stresses during X’Tract, finding myself to be in a really good space. This feeling actually lasts for days after a session. 

I love feeling the energy movement going up through the pathways, and I especially notice it on my left side.

During X’Tract, I start feeling lighter and this actually lasts with me for the rest of the day. I feel more energetic and not as fatigued throughout the day.

Using Young Living essential oils during X’Tract really helps me focus and center on the process. They are relaxing, calming, and I know they are working internally for the wellness of my body.

The stresses in life don’t bother me as much. I feel like I am able to let things go and not feel like I have to do things perfectly. I was having mood swings and was easily irritated. After X’Tract, I now feel less emotionally charged. I have also started using Young Living essential oils at home and this supports what is already happening in my body with X’Tract. They help me to feel alert and have more clarity of thought.

After having 3 sessions with Lisa, I had more energy. I’m not as hungry and am craving healthier foods. My clothes are now looser! I was less achy, actually I had NO aches! I know that toxins have been released from my body.

When I first started, the pain in my left leg was a 10. It is now a 4 or less. It’s a significant drop! It was painful with barely a touch and now with more pressure, it is not as painful at all. I could notice a difference with the pain getting better with every session.

I have less headaches. I even felt one coming on and it went away. That has never happened before!

There were many times that I could feel physical blockages that were painful, and as Lisa kept working in that area, I could feel it physically moving out, felt less tension, had release, and the pain lessened considerably.

Sometimes when I was having a hard time letting go and thinking of things that were distracting, I was able to focus on the worship music that was playing during the session. I was able to immerse myself in the music and allow the words to be a part of me.

I appreciate Lisa for being soft-spoken, calm, and gentle. She gives an overall sense of peacefulness and a stress-free environment. The coaching that she gave me has been very helpful in being able to move forward and being more aware of my wellness.
I would recommend to anyone not feeling whole in any area of the body, spirit, mind and emotions to have the experience of X’Tract with Lisa.”

-Jenny Jutzi, Parkhill, Ontario


Beach waves lapping

“I had 6 weeks of X’Tract detoxing with Lisa, and have started using essential oils in my life everyday.

Before I started, I had leg and back pain and stomach issues.  I had hardness where I had gall bladder surgery many years ago, I even swore that they must have left scissors in there! I was also coughing a lot, and had full sinuses much of the time.  Everyone thought I always had a cold.  My every-day life was being controlled by all these problems, and I couldn’t seem to get better.

As soon as I smelled the oils for the first time, my nose was not as stuffy.

I love what Lisa does during X’Tract.  My favourite part is the belly.  It feels good and I know it’s doing good.

I could feel a lot going on with my stomach, which was my biggest concern. After each session, I experienced a lot of belching and hiccups, as well as feel and see the lumps changing each week.  I know I was releasing lots of toxins.  I did have to go through a time where it seemed like things were getting worse before they were going to get better, but I pushed through and I feel so much better now.  Every week I noticed more and more changes.  My digestion has improved and I know that my body is able to do it’s job again like it’s supposed to.  The pain has decreased dramatically, my stomach feels smaller, I have less bloating and my skin is tighter.  

The skin under my chin feels smaller, and it’s very noticeable that there is less sag there.  I felt the difference here after the first session.

I could feel my sinuses unblocking, and start running again, leaving me less stuffed up.  

It was neat to be able to feel lumps loosen up and move out in my legs, arms and belly.  I could even see redness where it was obvious toxins were being released.

It’s amazing how X’Tract works.  It’s very intriguing to me.  I feel very relaxed during X’Tract, and my legs felt good, and even seem lighter.  I was tired after the session – but tired in a good way!

I have also changed some things about my diet, am doing regular detox baths and am using essential oils every-day at home.  I am using oils for deodorant and love how it works for me.  I am also rubbing oils on my belly, and brushing my teeth with them. I put oils in my diffuser every day so I can breathe them in while I’m getting ready in the morning.

I’m definitely feeling lots of good changes.  Every area I had a concern with is getting better and improving.

I have learned so much, and am thankful to Lisa for coaching me, helping me, and empowering me to make the changes in my life that I knew I needed to make.”

-Ruth, Zurich, Ontario


“Before my X’Tract, I had been struggling with tiredness but afterwards felt much more energetic.  A few days after my session, I had an emotional reaction and was able to hear the Lord speak to me, and surrender to Him easier and more quickly than I have before.  It was wonderful.  I have shed the few pounds that I had struggled with for over a year and have found it easier to stay on my clean eating.  I think my digestion is better too.  Thank you Lisa for taking the time and effort to share X’Tract with me.  I really appreciate it!”

-Karen Ott, Clinton, Ontario


My experience was most definitely positive and pleasant.  Lisa has a lovely personality which makes her well suited for what she does.

While undergoing my treatment, I felt comforted in Lisa’s capable hands. The comments she made will enable me to make some informed choices with my continued health and wellness.  I have already taken action in new ways to move forward in continuing my health journey.  I most certainly felt that the X’Tract resulted in healing, and an improved state of my health and emotional state.

I wish Lisa well with her continued success in helping others with X’Tract detoxing and improving their health.”

Sandy Shaw, Zurich, Ontario


“Before starting X’Tract sessions with Lisa, I was overworked and feeling it in my body and emotions.  I had sinus issues, cysts, and pain in my back and shoulders.

When I first started X’Tract, Lisa noticed I had a lot of lumps and blockages in my lymphatic valves and it was painful at first. After Lisa started working these areas, the lumps and blockages softened up, moved out and the pain went away.

During a session, I could feel something funny going on in the areas where I had cysts. There was intense pain and a throbbing sensation. Lisa put some Frankincense on the area, prayed for it, and the pain went away!

Later on during that session, I had a hard time getting a breath in, I could feel something in my chest.  Lisa had me sit up and she put more essential oils on me, prayed for me, and I felt so much better after.  I felt release and it was wonderful. As she continued, I had a feeling of freedom and noticed that my breath had come completely back. It was an amazing feeling of being free and loved.

I had many hard lumps and after Lisa continued working on them, I could feel that it was flowing better inside and had loosened up. Some of the lumps were very stubborn, but Lisa added extra essential oils, and kept working on them until they softened and moved out.

I thought it was great that Lisa had the iTOVi scan available to me, and she used extra oils on me that I had scanned for.

The X’Tract feels so good. I love the pressure that Lisa uses and being able to experience results immediately. I was able to release things that I had been hanging on to, and trust the Lord instead.

I have been able to continue my detoxing at home by having detox baths and using essential oils in my everyday life for my health, and have been inspired to take better care of myself and I’m even exercising more again.

My sinuses are clearer, and the pain in my back and shoulders has gone away. I am better able to let go of things and to receive what I need from the Lord instead of taking it on myself.

I have appreciated all the help and encouragement from Lisa and would highly recommend her services to anyone ready to improve their state of health.”

Catherine Relouw, Grand Bend, Ontario