I had 6 weeks of X’Tract detoxing with Lisa, and have started using essential oils in my life everyday. Before I started, I had leg and back pain and stomach issues. I had hardness where I had gall bladder surgery many years ago, I even swore that they must have left scissors in there! I was also coughing a lot, and had full sinuses much of the time. Everyone thought I always had a cold. My every-day life was being controlled by all these problems, and I couldn’t seem to get better.

As soon as I smelled the oils for the first time, my nose was not as stuffy. I love what Lisa does during X’Tract. My favorite part is the belly. It feels good and I know it’s doing good.

I could feel a lot going on with my stomach, which was my biggest concern. After each session, I experienced a lot of belching and hiccups, as well as feel and see the lumps changing each week. I know I was releasing lots of toxins. I did have to go through a time where it seemed like things were getting worse before they were going to get better, but I pushed through and I feel so much better now. Every week I noticed more and more changes. My digestion has improved and I know that my body is able to do it’s job again like it’s supposed to. The pain has decreased dramatically, my stomach feels smaller, I have less bloating and my skin is tighter.

The skin under my chin feels smaller, and it’s very noticeable that there is less sag there. I felt the difference here after the first session. I could feel my sinuses unblocking, and start running again, leaving me less stuffed up. It was neat to be able to feel lumps loosen up and move out in my legs, arms and belly. I could even see redness where it was obvious toxins were being released.

It’s amazing how X’Tract works. It’s very intriguing to me. I feel very relaxed during X’Tract, and my legs felt good, and even seem lighter. I was tired after the session – but tired in a good way! I have also changed some things about my diet, am doing regular detox baths and am using essential oils every-day at home. I am using oils for deodorant and love how it works for me. I am also rubbing oils on my belly, and brushing my teeth with them. I put oils in my diffuser every day so I can breathe them in while I’m getting ready in the morning.

I’m definitely feeling lots of good changes. Every area I had a concern with is getting better and improving. I have learned so much, and am thankful to Lisa for coaching me, helping me, and empowering me to make the changes in my life that I knew I needed to make.