I find X’Tract to be very calming and relaxing. I am able to focus on my body and what’s going on inside my body. I can also let go of stresses during X’Tract, finding myself to be in a really good space. This feeling actually lasts for days after a session. I love feeling the energy movement going up through the pathways, and I especially notice it on my left side.

During X’Tract, I start feeling lighter and this actually lasts with me for the rest of the day. I feel more energetic and not as fatigued throughout the day.

Using Young Living essential oils during X’Tract really helps me focus and center on the process. They are relaxing, calming, and I know they are working internally for the wellness of my body.

The stresses in life don’t bother me as much. I feel like I am able to let things go and not feel like I have to do things perfectly. I was having mood swings and was easily irritated. After X’Tract, I now feel less emotionally charged. I have also started using Young Living essential oils at home and this supports what is already happening in my body with X’Tract. They help me to feel alert and have more clarity of thought.

After having 3 sessions with Lisa, I had more energy. I’m not as hungry and am craving healthier foods. My clothes are now looser! I was less achy, actually I had NO aches! I know that toxins have been released from my body.

When I first started, the pain in my left leg was a 10. It is now a 4 or less. It’s a significant drop! It was painful with barely a touch and now with more pressure, it is not as painful at all. I could notice a difference with the pain getting better with every session.

I have less headaches. I even felt one coming on and it went away. That has never happened before!

There were many times that I could feel physical blockages that were painful, and as Lisa kept working in that area, I could feel it physically moving out, felt less tension, had release, and the pain lessened considerably.

Sometimes when I was having a hard time letting go and thinking of things that were distracting, I was able to focus on the worship music that was playing during the session. I was able to immerse myself in the music and allow the words to be a part of me.

I appreciate Lisa for being soft-spoken, calm, and gentle. She gives an overall sense of peacefulness and a stress-free environment. The coaching that she gave me has been very helpful in being able to move forward and being more aware of my wellness.
I would recommend to anyone not feeling whole in any area of the body, spirit, mind and emotions to have the experience of X’Tract with Lisa.