Before starting X’Tract sessions with Lisa, I was overworked and feeling it in my body and emotions.  I had sinus issues, cysts, and pain in my back and shoulders.

When I first started X’Tract, Lisa noticed I had a lot of lumps and blockages in my lymphatic valves and it was painful at first. After Lisa started working these areas, the lumps and blockages softened up, moved out and the pain went away.

During a session, I could feel something funny going on in the areas where I had cysts. There was intense pain and a throbbing sensation. Lisa put some Frankincense on the area, prayed for it, and the pain went away!

Later on during that session, I had a hard time getting a breath in, I could feel something in my chest.  Lisa had me sit up and she put more essential oils on me, prayed for me, and I felt so much better after.  I felt release and it was wonderful. As she continued, I had a feeling of freedom and noticed that my breath had come completely back. It was an amazing feeling of being free and loved.

I had many hard lumps and after Lisa continued working on them, I could feel that it was flowing better inside and had loosened up. Some of the lumps were very stubborn, but Lisa added extra essential oils, and kept working on them until they softened and moved out.

I thought it was great that Lisa had the iTOVi scan available to me, and she used extra oils on me that I had scanned for.

The X’Tract feels so good. I love the pressure that Lisa uses and being able to experience results immediately. I was able to release things that I had been hanging on to, and trust the Lord instead.

I have been able to continue my detoxing at home by having detox baths and using essential oils in my everyday life for my health, and have been inspired to take better care of myself and I’m even exercising more again.

My sinuses are clearer, and the pain in my back and shoulders has gone away. I am better able to let go of things and to receive what I need from the Lord instead of taking it on myself.

I have appreciated all the help and encouragement from Lisa and would highly recommend her services to anyone ready to improve their state of health.