XTract on back

X’Tract Services:

Legs $40

Arms $40

Face/Sinus $30

Tummy $25

First 4 Services $135

Back/Kidney Flush $40

Full-Body Detox – All 5 Services $175

Aromatherapy fees included:  X’Tract incorporates several Young Living Oils.  The oils used in X’Tract are included in the fees.

Also available:  Clients are also able to bring any extra Young Living oils that they would like to have incorporated into their session for no additional charge.

iTOVi Health and Wellness Scan $15

Discounts:  20% discount for my Young Living team members.  Ask about discounts for children.

Essential Oils 101 classes and Healing Oils of the Bible classes available online and local.  Free for members.

Professional Organizing for your home or office, and wellness coaching is also available online and in person.

XTract Online and Hands-on Training $2,000 U.S.

Please contact me to get started with your XTract training from Majestic Wellness Academy.  Continuing Education Credits are available.  You can start learning right from the comfort of your own home, practice on your family and friends, and help them get results right away.

XTract on foot

Appointment Options:

Weekdays 1:30, 3:00
Fri & Sat. 10:30, 1:30, 3:00
Mon-Thurs. evening 7:30

Preparing for X’Tract –

What should I wear?  Please wear or bring loose shorts and tank top or bathing suit.

How long does it take?  A full-body detox session takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Plan for a little extra time for the first session.

How many sessions will I need?  6 sessions one week apart is recommended.  After that, you will know if your body is able to keep the toxins moving out on its own, or if you will need more sessions.  It’s totally up to you and what you feel you need.

What can I expect?Purification Young Living Essential Oil

Detoxification brings a freedom from toxins that have been stored in your body but don’t belong there.  Sometimes when the body detoxifies, you may experience a rash, headache or other discomforts in the body.  You may also feel more emotional and be more retrospective.   You may also feel lighter, more free, joy, peace, happiness, like a burden has lifted, you may be able to understand things that were blocked from you previously.    All of these reactions are good because it means the body is cleansing itself from the things that you don’t need there.  When your body is freed from the toxins, you are then free to accept more healing and your body is able to work better to keep you healthy and to fight off more toxins.

Is X’Tract for me?

X’Tract is not recommended if you are currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy, have open cuts or wounds, have blood clots, are pregnant or nursing, or have active burns or rashes.

How do I become certified to perform X’Tract?

1. Contact Lisa to send payment of $2,000 US and complete the online course.
2. Complete in-person course (included in your cost above) plus any travel expenses to event location.
3. Document your 90 practicum required hours.  Include all hours with your family, friends, and in-person event.
4. Complete Academy4coaching courses – Professional Practices, Professional Ethics and Creating Effective and Legal Informed Consent Forms.  3 course bundle $195 or $150 each.
5. Complete Spiritual Coaching Skills Course with Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute. I personally recommend my Instructor Randall Loop erloop@gmail.com $225.
6. Fill out applications and pay fees to become Licensed Spiritual Healer  $65 (annual renewal $55) and Certified Wellness Coach/X’Tract Specialist with the Certified Wellness Professional Certification Board $65 ($50 annual renewal).

Total $2550 U.S. plus travel expenses.

Detox Bath Recipe:

4 cups Epsom Salt

10-15 drops Young Living Essential Oil of your choice (optional)Detox Bath ingredients

Mix together, then add:

4 cups Baking Soda

4 cups (large bottle) Hydrogen Peroxide


*1-2 cups Himalayan salt (no substitutions)

Water should be as hot as can stand.  Keep water at a hot/warm temp—do not let the water cool completely.

Gentle even for infants.

Can be repeated as often as necessary, but general guideline is 1-2 x week.  20-40 minutes each.

Oils Suggestions:

Lavender or Frankincense—overall/generalized healing

Peppermint—aches and pains

Lemon or Grapefruit—detoxing chemicals in skin

Peace & Calming—soothing, relaxing

Thieves or Purification—purifying and cleansing body/health