Lisa Cowan, a wife and homeschool mom of 6 lives surrounded by a beautiful forest near Blyth, Ontario, Canada.  Lisa is an X’Tract Detox Specialist, as well as an Instructor and Master Trainer. She completed the Academy4Coaching and Coaching Skills Course trainings as a Wellness Coach.

Lisa was directly trained with Majestic Wellness Academy by the X’Tract founder Nina Venturella.  Lisa was the first person trained in Ontario.  She is the only Instructor and Master Trainer in Ontario, to provide training to those wanting to become Facilitators and Instructors.

Lisa uses only the safest, top quality Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils to make the process even more enjoyable and effective.

Lisa has much experience helping countless happy clients since 2015, helping them to release heavy burdens and weight to enjoy a lighter, fuller life with more energy to move forward.

“I love the way X’Tract works. God created us to work together to help each other, to use our hands to anoint with oil, praying for healing, and expecting Him to work. His presence fills us, directs our fellowship and does the work in our bodies, spirits, souls and minds. He connects people to Himself and to each other for His purposes and our benefit.”  Lisa


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